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Fatal Stalk 1
A terrible urban legend, a perverted murderer wearing a blue raincoat, who specifically follows the single women at night and kill them...
YuNian-Master 1
The ancient YuNianShu is a powerful supernatural power, but people who master them have hidden in mountains for so many years, why?
the secret of him and her1
Why does this pretty girl want to get DNA from a nerd? Come to find the hidden stories behind it...
Fatal Stalk 02
I thought I met a peerless beauty in the alley, but seems be stalked by the blue raincoat killer...
Fatal Stalk 03 The Stalk
The girl in front disappeared in a blink of an eye. Wait a minute. Why did the girl appear again?
YuNian Master2
After a big quarrel with his father, Tianyi vowed to use one day to learn yunianshu. Can he do it?